• Christopher Pepe, General Manager, Juventus SC, Redwood City (CA)

    Jeff and the iSoccerPath team are clear experts in the field of transitioning from club and academy soccer to college play. Leading the way with undeniable experience and clever insights, time spent with Jeff is a must for any aspiring college player. With thousands of college options, and limited resources, serious parents and their children have much to gain from the helping hand lent by iSoccerPath. 

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    Albertin Montoya, Mountain View Los Altos Soccer Club, Director of Coaching

    Thank you so much for making our college night a memorable event for all that attended.  I greatly appreciate the time you took from your busy schedule to help educate our players with the college process.  As we all know, it can be an overwhelming experience for our student athletes and anything we can do to help them through this process will help alleviate the stress they go through.  I am always looking for ways to help our players on and off the field, the college night is very special to them and I am grateful for your help in making it happen.

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    Amy Garelick, Head Coach, FC Tuscon Women’s WPSL

    I have been to several college eligibility seminars and CollegeSoccerPanels presentation was first rate. The organization and information was beyond my scope as a club coach.

  • Testimonial
    Jon Pearlman, General Manager, FC Tucson Academy

    CollegeSoccerPanels had a first class staff,  panel, and presentation.  The information provided is an absolute must for any college prospect.